Tattoo Aftercare



1-  Remove bandage the following morning.

2-  Wash tattoo thoroughly 3 to 5 x a day, using fingertips and mild unscented soap (hot water). Be sure all sticky residue is removed, rinse with cool water.

3-  Apply unscented Lubriderm lotion on third day, massage into tattoo till absorbed.

4-  Do not let tattoo stick to bedding. This is very damaging to the tattoo.

5-  A light flaky scab is acceptable. Thick scab slows the healing process.


      No tight clothing.

      No tubs, pools, or baths for 2 weeks.

      No scented lotions for 10 days, including sunscreen.

      No sun exposure till tattoo is fully healed.


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Your tattoo is your responsibility, take good care of it.