My name is Leroy Valentine and I started tattooing in Calgary back in the mid nineties, moving on to open Canada's largest tattoo and piercing studio at that time, Dragon Of Ecstasy. After many years I made my way out to the west coast in 2002, and worked at Fantasy Island Tattoo in Courtney for 8 months. From there I was called to join the crew at Universial Tattoo in Victoria then procedded to open my own shop The Union Tattoo Studios with my best friend Greg Murphy and my brother Liegh Moore making them the best parteners a guy could ask for. At only 32 years young I am enjoying all aspects of a very fulfilling life, and every day is more fantastic than the day before.

Some of my strongest tattoo influences include the works of Bob Tyrell, Tom Renshaw, Guy Aitchisen and Jon Clue. I also enjoy the music of Ben Harper, ACDC, Lenny Kravits and Bob Marley. When I'm not tattooing I like to paint in multmediums, skydive, and even do a little rock climbing.

After almost a decade in the business I try to stay as diversified in my tattooing styles as possible and love doing large color, black and grey realism, custom on the spot and highly detailed designs. I am truly a person who is doing what they are made to do and I look forward to what the future has in store for me. My final words of wisdom are, "live it, love it, and savor every last drop, cause life is something awesome that is worth slowing down for."